It's a real joy to get to tell you about this new project.  It's been about 10 months in the making (well, really more like a year... Shout Hosanna found its way into our rotation this time last year).  The goal was to take on something with a fresh approach.  After a LOT of thought and prayer, Marty was intrigued by the idea to write a song, or find an existing one for each of The Salvation Army's 11 doctrines.  In hindsight, it was probably a bigger bite than we could swallow, but through the toil of creative struggle we were able to accomplish the bigger picture.  What follows is almost like what a sermon illustration is to a great sermon.  You would more easily remember the main point of the sermon thanks to the effective illustration.  In the same way, don't think of these songs as the art that is to be admired; instead think of these songs as the frame which supports the art itself.  The illustration to the sermon.  "We Believe" is the illustration.  The Doctrines are the sermon.

For Salvationists around the world, our prayer is that you would rediscover the amazing truths that are contained in our articles of faith.  Our challenge to you is that you would fall in love not only with these great statements of faith and the mission which they fuel, but also with the great God who continues to breathe life into our Army.  

Let us challenge you to read The Salvation Army's Doctrines and follow along with each one.  

God Bless,


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