The Light Has Come

  • Rejoice!

    Hey guys, here's another acoustic preview of the upcoming transMission recording, "The Light Has Come."  This is one of my all time favorite Christmas carols.  I love how this song paints the picture of Israel grieving in a foreign land, desperately longing for ransom from their captors.  That even though they were in bondage, the hope of a Savior was palpable among them, and they held on to the promise that they were God's chosen people.  In our world, we often find ourselves in places we don't recognize... difficulties that were never part of the plan.  Even though the darkness around us seems relentless, the hope of Christ is enough to push away the gloomy clouds of night, and we can rejoice in the light of our God! 

    07 Rejoice LS.pdf

    Rejoice- CC.pdf

  • As With Gladness

    Hey guys, here's an acoustic preview of one of the songs on the new Christmas album ("The Light Has Come").  We are only days away from the release of the album, but we thought you'd like to get a taste of some of the music.  Keep an eye out next week for another early Christmas gift!   Enjoy! 

    Here are the charts and Lead Sheets if you want to try this with your worship team. 

    As With Gladness-CC.pdf

    02 As With Gladness LS.pdf

    As With Gladness- Guitar CC.pdf