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  • Thoughts from Week 1

    Week 1

    We've been working hard lately, and some amazing things are happening.  Such as:

    We started work in the studio this week, on our next modern worship resource, in the form of a 2-disc CD that will include, as usual, a Demonstration CD, an Accompaniment CD (for those who might like to lead worship using these songs, but don't have any instrumentalists who can play for them), and PDF files of all of the music on the CD (for those in a worship team setting). 

    We have been blessed to work with some amazingly talented people in the past, and it's certainly no different this time around.  We've enlisted the help of an amazing producer and engineer from Griffin, Georgia, named Trey Roth.  He's worked with all kinds of people in the industry, from Casting Crowns to Third Day, and he's just a great guy.  What he's contributed to this project already is just mind-blowing.  

    We also have Jason Hoard once again putting down some amazing electric guitar parts.  The crazy thing about Jason is that he's actually recording his parts while on the road with a little Christian Rock band from Atlanta called Third Day.  I've not heard any of his parts yet, but I'm sure they'll be amazing, as usual.  

    We're glad to announce that we've got Brandon Coker back on board with this project (he played almost all the drums on the Unfailing Love CD that came out 4 years ago).  He's just a great guy all around, but his drumming and his ears are golden!  Brandon played drums on 4 songs, and he's also making some really cool sounding loops for us.

    We have the usual help from our bassist-extraordinaire, Lex Roberson.  He's always bringing energy and laughter, and that's why we like to keep him around!  With his expertise in all things low-end, we know we can't go wrong.  He's also going to be making our Behind-The-Scenes highlight video(s) and we're looking forward to that visual representation of all of our work.  

    New to the tracking process is Chris Hofer.  He's playing drums on 4 songs, and his fingerprint on this music is fresh and exciting.  It's great to have his perspective on this music.  As with all good musicians, Chris has his own style and it adds so much to bigger picture of every song he plays on.  Welcome to the fold, Mr. Hofer.  

    This was all the happenings of week 1.  We had such a blast down at Black Cat Studios in Griffin, GA.  (Thanks, Jason, for letting us use your place!  It's such a great place to be creative!). 

    Next week we'll be tracking a lot of vocals (hopefully, all of them!), with the voices of Sheena Hampton, Phil Laeger, Melissa Stokes and myself (Marty), as well as all the acoustic guitar parts.  

    Along with his vocals, Phil Laeger joins us again (it doesn't feel like a transMission recording project without him!), to lend his keyboard and piano playing talents to us.  He'll be tracking keys and piano stuff this week.  It's always a blessing to have Phil's input on these projects.  

    There will be opportunity to get some horns involved on some of these songs, which is always exciting.  We're hoping to include Dr. Tom Gibson on trombone, Darion Emory on sax, and the inimitable Darry Crossland on trumpet.  That's always a special day when we can get some horn playing goodness recorded.  

    Finally, you'll want to keep your ear to the ground on this one... we need to capture a lot of voices on several songs (a "Congregational Choir," if you will).  This is where YOU come in.  We need your help to make this part of the process sound amazing.  Stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook and our site here at Virb to make sure you get the chance to sing on our new project.  Details will be released soon... 

    Have a fantastic day.  See you soon!