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  • We're Back!

    Hey guys, 

    It's been waaay too long since we've been intentional about updating this page.  As you can see, the website looks different, and we wanted update you upcoming happenings as well.  There have been a lot of changes in the recent past, and we're excited about some upcoming opportunities for transforming worship into mission.  That's why transMission exists.  It's in our very name.  And we're hoping you will come alongside us in this mission.  

    One way that we feel we can exemplify this mission statement is by helping you facilitate powerful, dynamic (and distraction-free) worship where you are.  Our plan is to regularly post helpful tips, tutorials, and resources in the blog section of this website.  

    And we want to hear from you!  If there is a particular skill, topic, technique that you need help with, give us a shout either via email (on the contact page above), or on the transMission facebook page, and we'll do our best to help. 

    We'll also be releasing new songs and projects periodically as well, and we'll give you updates on those as the time comes.  

    All that to say, keep an eye out.  More will be coming soon!  

    - Josh and the boys of transMission